Study in Singapore for International Students

With a booming, cross-cultural scene and convenient transport network, it is hard not to see why Singapore is a launching and finishing point for students pursuing a higher education.

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Why Singapore?

1. Study in one of the best education system in the world
As a small country, there is no greater asset than its people. Over the years, our government has continually place great emphasis on building a foundation through a solid education and provide a myriad of learning opportunities for the individual to grow. With the fast changing landscape, new teaching initiatives are implemented in schools to ensure students stay relevant and are prepared for new challenges.

Schools have also moved towards an education system that is flexible and diverse, adopting a more hands-on approach for students to learn practical skills. Students also have a greater selection of courses to meet their varying interest. International students in Singapore will be able to benefit from the all-rounded education system in Singapore.

2. Attain a recognised and world class education
Singapore hosts one of the top universities in the world. With a combination of government imperatives and collaborative efforts, Singapore continues to stay at the forefront of higher education, research and innovation. Singapore ranks one of the top ten GDP per capita in the world. Backed up by the strong economy and low employment rate of 2.1%, quality of life in Singapore is relatively comfortable. The country does hire foreigners to support its workforce.

Due to the quality of education, employers seek out graduates who have pursued their education in Singapore. With a strong working ethics and work culture, foreigners have an edge over their peers when working in Singapore.

3. Multi-cultural
Singapore is a cosmopolitan city that boost a diverse mix of culture and religions who live harmoniously with one another. By studying in Singapore, you get to be part of a growing and diverse community, with plenty of opportunities to build a global network. A global perspective opens your mind, making your profile more attractive to future employers.

4. Developed infrastructure
Singapore has been consistently recognised as a global business hub. This is attributed by the developed infrastructure, well-connected transport network, political stability and skilled workforce. To date, more than 7,000 multinational companies have set up base in Singapore, leveraging Singapore as a springboard to tap on other emerging markets in Asia. Naturally, the doors are open to foreign talents who are sought-after across all industries.

5. Security and safety
According to the Law and Order Index, Singapore tops the list for order and security, ahead of Norway, Iceland and Finland. Research firm Gallup says 94% of adults feel safe when walking alone at night, compared with global average of 68%. It is no surprise as Singapore emphasizes safety and security throughout all facets of the society as a mean to ensure its prosperity. Strict laws are imposed to deter people from committing crimes, giving rise to the low crime rates in Singapore.

6. Multi language
With English as the main language, international students can quickly acclimate to life here. From young, there is strong emphasis for the second language placed in schools as well, such as Chinese, Malay and Tamil language. Local students gain deep understanding of their roots in the curriculum and are taught to integrate the language at every occasion, in order to become truly global citizens. Being conversant in both languages facilitate communication between locals and international students. Being a versatile country, many international students come to Singapore to build their foundation in the English language.

7. Vibrant city life
While Singapore may seem like a little red dot on the map, it is a country that never sleeps. Numerous new developments in Singapore have created exciting buzz that points Singapore towards a vibrant economy. Aside the FORMULA 1 city night race that will continue to establish Singapore’s presence in the global arena, the new launch of Terminal 4 at the Changi Airport will also support the increase in visitor arrivals. Singapore also hosts a myriad of festivals such as Singapore Food Festival, Light Show Festival Singapore, Movie under the Stars and many more activities. With so much to do in Singapore, you won’t get bored.

Cost of living

Home rental: Can range between SGD$500 for a single room to over SGD$12,000 per month for rental of a landed property

Transportation: Ranges between SGD$50 to SGD$100 per month for public transport

Meals: Ranges between SGD$5 to SGD$10 per meal on average. Usually meals at international schools are priced slightly higher.

School tuition fees:

International school fees: ranges between SGD$30,000 to SGD$35,000 per year

Bachelor’s degree: ranges between SGD$10,000 to SGD$20,000 per year

Private tuition: ranges between SGD$50 to SGD$100 for a one-to-one tuition with an experienced tutor

Student accommodation

Depending on the location of your school, we will find you a suitable homestay with a friendly family to care for your needs. Should you require just an accommodation, we have the perfect home, just for you!

Student guardianship

Our guardianship service gives parents a peace of mind and relief on the safety of their child. Our services encompass the attention to school-related matters and well-being of the child.

Education consultancy and school placement

Our consultancy services help understand the goals and interest of our students. With that understanding in mind, we evaluate the individual’s strength and weaknesses and provide recommendations for the relevant courses and/or schools students can attend. We also help with the school placement, so you save the hassle in school application matters.

AEIS examination

The AEIS test is a compulsory entrance test for international students with the intent to pursue their education in a local Singapore government school. We will put in place preparatory processes to help students adequately prepare for the examination. 


We can help arrange charter services to/fro school, as well as pick-up and sending services to/fro the airport.

Education tour

Depending on the group size, interest and number of days of visit in Singapore, we personalise your education tour so you can fully immerse yourself in the Singapore city and experience our culture like a true local.


What Our Students Say

My experience at Gohing Home was great and enjoyable. I had a comfortable stay and enjoyed the company of my fun and lovable housemates. Taking the same subjects as my housemates, we were able to discuss our schoolwork  regularly and support one another in our studies. Gohing Home also allowed me the flexibility to invite my friends to our Home to discuss school related group projects, which I find helpful. Travelling is convenient and there were no difficulty locating/ travelling to school.


Student from Indonesia

I am grateful to Gohing Home for having provided me with a friendly environment during my stay. Moving/ studying at a new country can be daunting. People at Gohing Home understands this and made the transition significantly easier. Be it advice for customs and where to buy groceries or arranging for social activities so I can feel at home. I would recommend Gohing Home with all my heart.

CHEUNGY, Student (Hong Kong)

Now working professional in Singapore

Study in Singapore!

International students will be able to enjoy an enriching experience while pursuing their education in Singapore. Contact Gohing Home to support your education journey in Singapore!

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